Website design

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“My company, FunRazn, provides fundraising services and screen printing to schools throughout Georgia and South Carolina. My website was eight years old and looked it. The technology was outdated and it sent the wrong message to my prospects. Garon did a great job transforming my site. Now, it’s clean and professional. He wrote a lot of the copy and created interesting photos and graphics that get attention! He is very patient and worked independently of me since I didn’t have much time to work on it myself. Most of the time, I could just approve what he came up with. I wish I had hired Garon earlier.” — Dave Haskell, President, FunRazn

ProstAware generates awareness and education about the impact of prostate cancer and those at risk. 

Website for Old College Press to promote and sell the book, “The University of Georgia: Images and Recollections.”

Responsive website for Brilliant Training, a publisher of several technical books.

The Eric R. Beverly Family Foundation provides support to lower income breast cancer patients

Website for Kidejapa, an Atlanta-based non-profit organization providing plastic and reconstructive services to children of developing countries.